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Something Awesome is Coming!

iOmedia IC is very proud to announce our new suite of products and services for 2015, including fantastic digital media and advertising solutions for retail, exhibitions & mobile. We're launching our online Media Sales portal soon too!

Can't wait to find out more? Give us a call and we can set up a get together, email you a rate card, or even give you a quote. We're waiting for you to Get In Touch!

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

iOmedia IC specializes in new media channels including digital signage, interactive touch screen kiosks, web applications and SEO services. We have world class digital signage software and interactive kiosk solutions, and are able to build custom applications to meet almost any need. Our secret sauce is our specialised user interface design methods mixed with a real understanding of what attracts users and keeps them engaged. We love people not just technology.

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks: With nearly 20 years developing and deploying award-winning solutions for some of SA's biggest brands, we're taking our experience and refining our offering: that means new applications, services and hardware solutions for your brand activations, product showcases and retail stores.

Digital Signage: Stay tuned�we're deploying a network of screens in malls throughout South Africa. Available soon for media buying opportunities, we've finished developing our rate card (call or eMail us for details). We'll soon take the wraps off our online media buying portal too!

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We're keen for you to Get in Touch.

While we are busy building our website, we are very much available too �for you! Feel free to eMail us or give us a call to discuss any of your interactive, digital signage, media buying, web or branding needs.

Alternatively, check out and follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin or pinterest �we'll be updating our feed with new and interesting industry apps, articles and features soon.

Phone: +27 (0) 11 875 2058

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